About Us

Jordan Panelbeaters Ltd was launched in February 2007 after outgrowing a smaller premises two doors down from the current position. This modern 6,000 sq ft workshop contains premium panel and paint facilities for all your repair requirements, conveniently located under one roof. We have a strong emphasis on customer relationships, whether assisting in a claim procedure or simply offering advice. We know that having your car repaired can be a major inconvenience, yet we strive to make your experience as hassle free as possible, returning your vehicle to pre-accident condition as quickly as possible. We are proud to be members of the Collision Repair Association who are the "Master Builders" of the Auto Body Repair Industry and we currently hold Structural Repair status. The owner, Greig Jordan has international experience, won numerous awards and has represented New Zealand in international Panelbeating competitions. All of this has equipped him, not only with exceptional communication and repair skills, but with attention to detail that is unmatched by any other individual in the automotive trade.

Quality Control

At Jordan Panelbeaters we carry out a strict quality audit on each repair, ensuring that we can guarantee our work for life. We are able to achieve this by following manufacture specifications when carrying out collision repairs. When applying automotive paint products, technical data and cure times are followed to exacting requirements. Once repairs have been completed, a quality audit sheet is filled out and warranty cards are issued relating to the vehicleís repairs. Only then is the vehicle ready for delivery.

About Greig Jordan

Greig started his career as an apprentice panelbeater in 1995. It was not a surprising career path given the fact his father, Peter, is a highly skilled and well respected panelbeater himself. With Greig keen to spend weekends and school holidays working alongside his father fixing anything he could lay his hands on, it soon became obvious that he had a real talent and passion for the industry.

His skill, desire and competitive drive saw him top the national apprentice ‘Skillex’ competition, going on to represent New Zealand at the prestigious International Competition in Montreal in 1999. He placed 5th overall, which was the highest placing ever achieved by a New Zealander at the time. An indication of Greig’s standing within the industry is evident in the fact that he was later asked to judge the same international competition. He also became a National Skill Expert, where he tutored New Zealand’s entrants, in which one of his protégés beat his own record placing by gaining an unprecedented 2nd place! During this time Greig had remained focused on his objective to become fully qualified, and in 2001 he completed his Advanced Trade Certificate. Greig’s continuous thirst for knowledge continues today, always looking for the latest repair methods and the best products in order to maintain his standing as a leader in the industry. For more information about Greig's success internationally, click here.

For twelve years Greig worked for a large leading collision repair facility, where he not only learnt his trade skills but also gained invaluable insight into the running of a professional business that had a strong focus on quality systems and customer service. This priceless education put Greig in good stead, allowing him to formulate a clear understanding of what it takes to run a successful business. Therefore, as part of his natural progression as a panelbeater, and encouraged by those aware of his considerable talent, Greig realised a lifelong ambition by opening the doors to his own workshop, Jordan Panelbeaters, in 2007. Like everything in his life, Greig approaches the challenge of running his own business with professionalism, commitment and most of all a work ethic that ensures success.

Greigs interests, scuba diving, hunting and fishing, like his business, also require great discipline.