Insurance Companies

We are proud to be affiliated with all the major Insurance companies.

To make repair estimates easier for our customers, Jordan Panelbeaters offer an undercover drive-in estimate service that requires no prior booking. Your vehicle will be examined before an accurate, easy to understand estimate for any repairs is prepared. Digital photos will accompany the estimate, allowing your claim to be quickly and effectively processed by your insurance company. As insurance companies have different claim procedures, Jordan Panelbeaters will provide you with all the necessary assistance to prepare a claim.

Tips For your Insurance Claim process

  1. Have the details of the other party involved. E.g. Vehicle make and registration, drivers name, licence number, time of the accident, etc...
  2. If you have a police report, these details may be helpful.
  3. Contact your Insurance Company and make a NEW claim.
  4. When the claim is processed you will receive a claim number as well as being advised if there is a policy excess.
  5. Have your vehicle towed/driven to YOUR chosen repairer, NOT the insurance companies.
    Note: It is important to remember that this is your choice, and solely your choice.
  6. Repairer may provide replacement vehicle and arrange assessment and repairs.
  7. Customer pays policy excess to repairer on completion of repairs.

  • You are not required to get more than one estimate for insurance companies.
  • Only you, the vehicle owner, can authorise repairs on your vehicle.